RESPITE & support service FOR those with DISABILITIES

RESPITE & support service FOR those with DISABILITIES

RESPITE & support service FOR those with DISABILITIESRESPITE & support service FOR those with DISABILITIES

What do we do?

Respite support, individual goal setting, adventures & experiences

At Adaptive Life Coaches, our goal is to teach life, social and communication skills with a focus on movement and activity in a one on one, non clinic based setting. Our program provides respite and support services for those with disabilities but is open to anyone in need of a life coach or a companion.  Sessions are available 7 days a week, anytime of the day and are typically 2-4 hours but can be as long as needed.  We serve Bellingham and the surrounding areas.

Each client's program is custom.  It's whatever works best for the client and for the family.  Some clients do not do well in a clinic.  Individual goals can be achieved by engaging in activities outside of the norm.  Some clients just need to get outside and be active.  Let them explore and experience! Let them get their hands dirty, their feet wet, their senses overloaded.  

All parents need some mommy and daddy time sometimes... Send your child on adventures with us! Our clients experience something new of your choice with goals in mind for them to achieve. 

It can be difficult and stressful for the parent in an over stimulating environment. Many clients have trouble communicating and applying their coping skills. Our coaches are trained to structure the environment and read the individual's body language.

Examples of outings:

Social groups

Play time (playground, sensory gyms, Sportsplex, trampoline parks)

Parent support (respite, mommy time, shopping, school events, medical appointments)

Student support

Fitness (gym, yoga, running)

Outdoors (hiking, camping)

Classes (educational, recreational)

Swimming (open water swim, kayaking, paddle boarding)




Sporting Events